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Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron is a naturally occurring mixture of Tiger's Eye and Hematite.

Tiger Iron is a robust source of protection and grounding, fostering a sense of security and stability in one's environment. Tiger Iron promotes trust and common sense, tempering the pace of energy to facilitate thoughtful and deliberate actions. It aids intuition and courage, enhancing the ability to make insightful decisions and approach challenges with confidence. This crystal helps to increase awareness and understanding, deepening one's perception of both internal and external experiences. Tiger Iron also plays a role in alleviating fear, worry, and depression, offering support and comfort during moments of emotional struggle.

Alternative Names Tiger's Iron
Colour Gold, Yellow
Hardness 7
Crystal system Trigonal
Streak White
Lustre Vitreous
Main Locations Australia, South Africa
Chakra Root, Sacral
Zodiac Leo
Numerology 7
Planetary Earth
Element Fire, Earth

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