Our free App 'A Guide to Crystals - The CC' is now available for download on iOS and Android! Click the button below to take you straight to your platform of choice. We'll keep updating our crystal guide, and working to bring you even more features and information. We aim to be the only crystal guide you'll ever need!

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Browse through over 400 different crystals in the guide by name or image gallery, search for different crystals by country, or use the extensive filters to hone down your search further. Want a blue crystal that corresponds to the Throat Chakra and aids meditation? No problem! Looking for a green crystal from South America with a vitreous lustre? We can show you loads! Looking to learn about a random new crystal? Use the dice button to pick one at random! 

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Each entry in the crystal guide contains general information; a Geological tab detailing the Chemical Formula, Hardness, Colour Variations, Crystal System, Streak, Lustre and the main locations it can be found; and a Healing tab detailing the Metaphysical Properties, Chakra, Zodiac, Elemental, Numerology and Planetary associations. You can also use the Own and Wishlist buttons to build up your collection and quickly access them using the filters to only show ones you own.

We've also included some games, including 4 different styles of Quiz to help you learn (all the answers can be found in the A-Z), and a Pairs memory game using the gorgeous crystal artwork.

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Please bear in mind that we have more information on our website for some crystals – we simply couldn't fit it all in! We also made the choice to include illustrations of the crystals rather than a lot of photographs. This crystal guide is not designed as an identification app, it's designed to help you learn about each crystal. Many crystals come in so many different colours and formations, it would be impossible to include every variation! If we had 10 different high resolution photos for over 360 different crystals, this app would be far too big to download! We hope you enjoy the beautiful artwork we have created, and that you find our crystal guide app helpful! 

This is not a fixed and exhaustive list of crystals, we're always looking to add, update and expand this app to make it as useful as possible. If you think of a crystal we have not yet added, please drop us a message via our website with any suggestions! With the release of this app, we will no longer be sending out information cards with every crystal - we end up sending a lot of duplicates, and we're very conscious of our environmental impact with the amount of card we're using, so try to reduce that where possible. All the information will be available for free on the app, and all in one searchable, easy navigable, available anywhere, crystal guide.