This section explains the process for using our Hold Order code or shipping option, please ensure you have read it if you intend to use it.

The HOLDORDER code was originally created to help our international customers save on postage costs by building a box over a period of time and then having it shipped out altogether. We have extended this to apply to our UK customers as we are frequently adding new items to the website, so it allows you to save on multiple postage costs by just paying it once.

If you want to add an item to your box, rather than have it shipped out straight away, please use code HOLDORDER in the discount box at checkout if you're an international customer, or select the HOLD ORDER shipping profile if you're a UK customer. Please note you still need to checkout and pay for your items as normal, the only difference is you will not pay postage.

If your order does NOT have either the HOLDORDER code, or you have not used the HOLD ORDER shipping profile, then it will be sent out. If you have placed an order and want us to hold it, but have forgotten to put the code, please contact us as soon as possible, either via the Contact Us page or on Facebook and we'll do our best to catch it in time.

If you have an open box, then any items that you have claimed on our Facebook Group will be invoiced after claiming if the value is over £10. If they are under £10 we will generally build up a draft invoice for you until it is over £10 to save on Paypal fees. If you have loyalty scheme points that equal a money off voucher you would like to use against your final bill, please DO NOT convert the points into a voucher. Contact us and let us know you would like to use the points, and we can manually deduct them. Once you convert the points into a voucher we cannot access them to apply them to an order, you will need to use the voucher on a normal shop order.

We will also aim to close up all open hold boxes around once a month, or earlier if you request it or your box is full, and we will invoice you the final shipping cost. This is normally capped at £4.99 in the UK unless you have lots of heavy/bulky or expensive items that require extra insurance or sending in separate parcels if the value is over a certain level. If you are ready for us to ship your hold box earlier, please send us a message and we will send you your final invoice. 

International shipping is done by weight, we will always find the cheapest and safest delivery method we can for you. If it is under 2kg it will be sent by Royal Mail, if it is above that, then it will be sent by an international courier. 

When we dispatch your hold orders, you will receive multiple shipping confirmation emails, and one last shipping confirmation with the tracking number at around 2:30pm after our post collection, so don't worry if you don't receive all the shipping confirmations at once.


If you wish to combine orders, for example you placed an order and then a second one using the HOLDORDER code but want them both sending out together, please add a note to the HOLDORDER order, otherwise the Hold may be put to one side in your box and the other order may be sent out if we don't spot it. We try our best to catch duplicate invoices, but please help us to help you. If the shipping paid does not cover both orders then we will contact you before we send them out. Orders to the UK under £30 cost £2.99 Royal Mail second class, order values over £30 need to be sent by Tracked 48 post so that they are fully insured, this costs £4.99.

If you have people within the same household placing multiple orders that you wish to be shipped together, please put a note on each order where possible to give us the best chance to catch them and combine them. If there's no notes or messages to us, we'll assume it could be a gift, and so as not to ruin the surprise, we'll send them separately!

Thanks x