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Phoenix Stone

Phoenix Stone is a new material that has appeared on the market in the last couple of years, described variously as Chrysocolla, Malachite and/or Azurite in Quartz. Some also claim that it contains Turquoise or Ajoite, although these are very unlikely. Locations have not been given for any of the original material, but all the polished pieces seem to be coming out of China.

Phoenix Stone serves as a link between the Heart and Throat Chakras, facilitating a harmonious flow of energy between emotions and expression. Phoenix Stone helps you to communicate your emotions to loved ones with authenticity and openness. It offers a sense of inner peace and calm, acting as a supportive anchor during moments of stress and turbulence. This crystal proves to be a valuable aid for public speaking, enhancing confidence and articulation in front of others. Phoenix Stone is also a suitable choice for emotional healing work, offering a nurturing and transformative energy that supports the journey toward emotional well-being and growth.

Alternative Names Phoenix Rising Stone
Colour Green, Blue, White
Hardness 7
Crystal system N/A
Streak N/A
Lustre N/A
Main Locations N/A
Chakra Throat, Heart
Zodiac Aquarius, Libra
Numerology 3
Planetary Neptune
Element Water

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