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Lazurite is often confused with the very similarly named Lazurite, which is a component of Lapis Lazuli. This confusion is furthered as they are both blue crystals! It was first discovered in 1795 in Austria, and named after the german word 'lazurstein' meaning heaven, after it's blue sky shades. It is rarely found in well defined crystals, instead it can be found in association with other minerals, namely Quartz.

Lazulite helps to stimulate the awakening of psychic abilities, elevation of vibrational frequency, and assists in astral projection. This crystal acts as a catalyst for expanding spiritual awareness and connecting with higher realms. Lazulite also aids in dream recall and understanding, allowing for deeper insights into the subconscious and spiritual messages. It facilitates communication with the Spirit Realm, promoting a stronger connection to spirit guides, angels, and divine energies. Lazulite serves as a valuable tool for enhancing psychic abilities, exploring the astral plane, deepening dream experiences, and establishing a profound connection with the spiritual realm.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour Blue
Hardness 5 - 6
Crystal system Monoclinic
Streak White
Lustre Vitreous, Greasy, Resinous
Main Locations Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Canada
Chakra Third Eye
Zodiac Sagittarius, Gemini
Numerology 7
Planetary Jupiter
Element Air

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