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Goethite is an iron mineral that can be found in a range of colours including red, orange, yellow and black. It is named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a well known naturalist and philosopher. It is often found as a golden inclusion in Quartz, sometimes mistaken for Cacoxenite.

Goethite establishes a potent bond with the Earth, anchoring individuals to its nurturing energies and promoting a deep-rooted connection. As a steadfast grounding crystal, Goethite offers stability and balance, fostering a sense of rootedness in the midst of life's challenges. It plays a vital role in navigating the path of grief, providing support and solace during times of emotional turmoil. This crystal contributes to emotional stability, infusing the journey with a calming influence. Goethite also serves as a guiding light when working through complex emotions, aiding in their exploration and facilitating a healing process.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour Yellowish Brown,Orange Yellow
Hardness 5 - 5.5
Crystal system Orthorhombic
Streak Yellowish Brown
Lustre Silky, Metallic, Dull
Main Locations USA, France, Brazil, South Africa, Russia
Chakra Sacral, Root
Zodiac Aries
Numerology 6
Planetary Earth
Element Earth

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