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Clinochlore is a member of the Chlorite group, and the solid, polishable gem form from Russia is known as Seraphinite. It often has a slightly metallic appearance, and is can crystallise in small clusters, or rosettes. A deep purple - pink variety of Clinochlore that is rich in Chromium is known as Kammererite.

Clinochlore is a guiding force on the path to achieving spiritual enlightenment, assisting individuals in their journey towards higher consciousness. Clinochlore establishes a connection to the angelic realm and its benevolent energies, enhancing one's spiritual experiences and connections. With its strong healing vibration, it promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, aiding in the restoration of balance and vitality. Clinochlore's influence extends to facilitating the release of old issues and emotional baggage, encouraging personal transformation. It also supports dream recall, enabling individuals to better remember and interpret the insights gained from their dreams.

Alternative Names Seraphinite, Kammererite
Colour Green, Pink, White
Hardness 2.5
Crystal system Monoclinic
Streak Greenish White
Lustre Greasy, Pearly, Dull
Main Locations Worldwide
Chakra Heart, Crown
Zodiac Taurus
Numerology 5
Planetary Earth
Element Earth, Spirit

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