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A rare variety of Andalusite which forms with a black cross consisting of carbon and black graphite, best shown off when the specimen is sliced across. Although Chiastolite is made primarily of Andalusite, this form was actually recorded first in 1754, over 40 years before Andalusite was officially recorded.

Chiasolite is believed to be a strong protection crystal to shield against psychic attacks. It also helps one to stay focused during meditation, promoting a calm and centred state of being during periods of uncertainty. Chiasolite is also said to attract stability into one's life, helping to create a sense of balance and harmony.

Alternative Names Andalusite, Cross Stone
Colour Black, Brown
Hardness 6.5 - 7
Crystal system Orthorhombic
Streak White
Lustre Vitreous
Main Locations China, Australia
Chakra Root
Zodiac Libra
Numerology 3
Planetary Earth
Element Earth

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