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Cavansite is a rare crystal that only comes from a few locations, including Oregon and Poona, India.

Cavansite can help to guide you through life changes, making it a useful tool to have during times of transition. Cavansite is a great crystal for meditation, allowing you to connect more deeply with your inner self and the universe. It also aids communication with the Spirit World, making it a valuable asset for those looking to connect with loved ones who have passed away. Cavansite has a calming and comforting effect that can be especially helpful during times of grief.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour Blue
Hardness 3 - 4
Crystal system Orthorhombic
Streak Blueish White
Lustre Vitreous
Main Locations India
Chakra Crown, Third Eye, Throat
Zodiac Aquarius
Numerology 5
Planetary Neptune
Element Air

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