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Apricot Agate

Apricot Agate is a name given to a peach, orange, white or pink striped variety of Agate.

Apricot Agate can help to stimulate both sexual and physical energy, making it an excellent crystal for anyone looking to boost their vitality. It can also help to boost creativity and expression, making it a popular choice for artists and writers. This crystal is also believed to offer protection to the home and increase ambition at work, helping individuals to succeed in their endeavours. Apricot Agate is also good for boosting self-confidence, making it a great crystal for those who need a little extra encouragement in their daily lives.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour Red, Orange, White
Hardness  7 
Crystal system Trigonal
Streak White
Lustre Waxy, Dull
Main Locations Botswana
Chakra Sacral
Zodiac Gemini
Numerology 7
Planetary Mercury
Element Earth

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