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Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell has long been prized by Native Americans for its power. They used Abalone shells in their smudging, and believed it helped lift the Spirits towards heaven. The Apache culture use Abalone Shells in The Sunrise Ceremony, which marks a girl becoming a woman, and North American tribes used them as currency.

Abalone Shell is thought to bring tranquillity, soothe the nerves, provide boost communication, and strengthen commitment. It can also help individuals deal with difficult emotions, particularly those related to relationships, and to promote femininity and seeing beauty both in ourselves and the world around us. It harnesses the power of the ocean and helps with relaxation and letting go of emotions. Abalone shell is also believed to bring a connection with ancestors and to help relieve workplace tension.

Alternative Names Paua Shell
Colour Rainbow
Hardness 3.5
Crystal system N/A
Streak N/A
Lustre Pearly
Main Locations USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia
Chakra Solar Plexus
Zodiac Pisces, Aquarius, Cancer
Numerology 7
Planetary Moon
Element Water

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