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Variscite Tumbled Crystal

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Beautiful hand selected high grade Variscite tumbled crystals. You will receive one tumble, each one is approx 15 - 20mm.

Variscite is a green phosphate mineral, most often found in Utah, that is sometimes confused with Turquoise due to its appearance. It is named after Variscia, now known as Vogtland, in Germany, where it was first discovered. Variscite is porous, which means that it will absorb moisture, sweat, skin lotions, perfumes and other things, so care should be taken with Variscite in jewellery to avoid staining or discolouration.

Variscite Healing Properties include:

  • Helps to balance the mind, body and Spirit
  • Aids in breaking bad behaviour patterns
  • Helps increase self esteem and see yourself in a new light
  • Stimulates strength and endurance to get through hard situations
  • Can help lessen worry and distress
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