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Vanadinite Specimen #8

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This bright sparkling Vanadinite specimen is from the T-West Mine in Morocco. You will receive the exact item in the photos. Please note these specimens are fragile - please unwrap with care!

Weight: 13g
Size: 27mm x 21mm

Vanadinite belongs to the Apatite group of minerals, and forms in relatively small, glossy, flat crystals, often on a matrix of Baryte. High quality Vanadinite is currently being produced most famously from Morocco, but also from the US. Generally speaking, the smaller the crystals, the lighter the colour. As the crystals get larger, they darken to an almost black shade.

Vanadinite Healing Properties include:

  • Excellent aid for writers
  • Stimulates the intellect
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Helps you to save money by calming overspending
  • Helps you to be more organised
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