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Sunstone / Moonstone Slice #2

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Weight: 131g
Size: 87mm x 66mm


This beautiful slice is a very unique mixture of flashy Moonstone with the red and gold colour of Sunstone! Some have more blue moonstone flash whilst some have more Sunstone shimmer, each one is unique! Please note these have been stabilized before cutting, so have some traces of sealant on the outer edges. You will receive the exact Sunstone & Moonstone crystal pictured.

There are two types of Moonstone that are commonly seen, normal Orthoclase Moonstone which will have a slight shimmer to it, and Rainbow Moonstone, which has stronger, usually blue, colour flashes. Rainbow Moonstone is actually a white feldspar, and so a variety of Labradorite. There is a variety of Orthoclase Moonstone with a black colour, and a beautiful soft shimmer - this should not be confused with Labradorite however!

Moonstone Healing Properties include:

  • Attracts positivity and vibrance
  • Has a warm, bright energy
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Brings hope in times of need
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