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Smoky Quartz with Hematite Inclusions - Orange River SA #9

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This unusual Smoky Quartz Cluster from the desirable Orange River locality in South Africa, has soft smoky crystals filled with red-black Hematite inclusions just below the surface of the Quartz. These give it the double effect of almost "glittering" in direct light and giving it a rich, warm colour which is much better appreciated in person. You will receive the exact item in the photographs.

Weight: 86g
Size: 75mm x 41mm

Smoky Quartz is found in various places in the world, but particularly famous are the Cairngorm and Morion varieties, found in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. This crystal has been prized by the Scots for centuries, it is their national gem and the ancient Druids used it as a sacred crystal that represented the power of their earth gods.

Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strong grounding crystal
- Boosts intuition
- Strong protection against bad luck.
- Helps dissolve pain, lifts depression and helps grief
- Promotes calmness, relieves stress and anxiety
- Increases practicality, survival instincts and ability to move forward in life
- Helps neutralise depression and detoxifies the mind
- Helps alleviate suicidal thoughts
- Aids concentration and communication
- Dispels nightmares and manifest dreams
- Enhances male energy
- Combats addictions like habitually spending too much
- Aids meditation and dream interpretation


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