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Serpentine Palm Stone

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Beautiful Serpentine flat palmstones in a range of shades of light green. You will receive one Serpentine palm stone, between 40 - 50mm in size. An example of the Serpentine palms we have available are shown in the photos.

Serpentine refers to a group of yellow green minerals, with different variants sold under different trade names. A lot of trade name Jade such as Afghan Jade and New Jade are actually varieties of Serpentine, rather than true Jade. The name Serpentine is taken from the word Serpent, with reference to its colour.

Serpentine Healing Properties include:

  • Is thought to bring protection against bad luck
  • Can boost sexual energy and fertility
  • Protects you from negative energies
  • Helps with developing your personal strength
  • Opens up channels for spiritual expansion
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