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Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Crystal

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Hand selected Rainbow Moonstone tumbled crystals from India. You will receive one crystal, approx 18-25mm

Rainbow Moonstone is an opaque to translucent white crystal with colourful, usually blue flashes (although these can also be yellow/orange/red etc).

According to Hindu legend, Moonstone was formed from solidified moonbeams, and is embedded in the forehead of the god Ganesh, god of the moon. Another ancient Vedic legend says that during the battle between the gods Vishnu and Bali, when Vishnu destroyed Bali's body, it fell to earth and the different parts became gemstones - with his eyes becoming moonstone. They still regard it as an incredibly sacred stone - it was not allowed to be displayed for sale unless it was shown on a yellow cloth (a sacred colour). They have many rituals and legends surrounding it, including that if you put it in your mouth during the full moon, you would see your future.

The Romans believed that it was formed from drops of moonlight, and the light inside was the goddess of the moon, Diana. They thought the stone was an aphrodisiac, and that if two people wore it during a full moon they would fall in love. Ancient Asian culture believed that the light inside the crystal is a living spirit, and that it would attract great abundance. They believed that the most beautiful flashy moonstones would be brought in with the tides every 21 years.

Rainbow Moonstone is used all over the world as a symbol of fertility, abundance and love. People have worn it sewn into their clothing to boost fertility, hung it from trees to attract abundant crops and given in jewellery to lovers.

Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties include:

  • Promotes a happy home
  • A good luck charm
  • Aids wisdom and insight
  • Increases creativity
  • Inspires passion
  • Helps with change, new beginnings and endings
  • Known for travellers protection
  • Soothing and calming for emotions and inner self 
  • Exudes calm, control, balance and confidence
  • Helps combat cycles and repeated patterns
  • Boosts fertility and reproductive health
  • Combats mood swings


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alethia H
It Really Is a Rainbow

I asked for one with a blue flash, and the stone I got does have a section with nice blue flash. What I wasn't expecting was that there would be orange and gold in the flash as well! The individual crystals that make up the flash each flash blue in the center, but some of the edges in between them show the rest of the rainbow, with orange and gold being the most prominent. Lovely!


These moonstone have the most incredible blue flashes! Really nice to use for grounding work.

Katy Haynes

What a stunning tumble with a magnificent bright blue flash, amazing!