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Palo Santo Stick

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Palo Santo Sticks, harvested from naturally fallen trees and branches in Peru. You will receive one stick, each one is approx 9 - 10cm long. Palo Santo is burnt as an alternative to Sage for cleansing, and has a sweeter, almost balsamic smell.

Palo Santo is a tree native to the rainforests of Ecuador and Peru, in the same family of trees of Myrrh and Frankincense. It’s name translates to “Holy Wood”, and it has been used by the native shamans for thousands of years. Palo Santo can only be properly harvested when a tree has naturally died and left for a number of years, which is why it is so expensive, and it is regulated by local governments.


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Repeat order

I bought those sticks a few times already and will keep repurchasing - consistent quality and very competitive price.

Fabulous Palo Santo Sticks

I love the smell of Palo Santo, and the scent of the smoke as a stick burns. These sticks are great and smoulder well - perfect for the way I want to use them.

Refreshing citrus scent

First of all I love that these are sustainably and ethically sourced with it being 'holy' wood. I love the scent of these, it always leaves my home smelling refreshed and feeling purified and revitalised. The sticks burn well and depending on frequency of use can last a while.