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Garnet 6mm Beaded Bracelet

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Lovely deep red Garnet beaded bracelet made with 6mm beads. You will receive one bracelet.

Garnets have been prized by civilisations throughout history. Garnet was said to be one of the four stones given to King Solomon by God to rule over creation, and Noah was said to have illuminated the Ark with a finely cut glowing garnet. It’s name comes from Latin, and translates to “seedlike”, with reference to pomegranate seeds. In old Spanish astrology, the garnet symbolized the sun, whilst in Christian tradition the garnet symbolises the blood of Christ. Garnets actually come in many colours, not just red. Red Almandine garnets are the most common, whilst other varieties come in shades of green, purple and pink.

Garnet Properties include:
- Promoting courage, joy and creativity
- Inspiring us to grab the future and embrace change
- Attracting abundance
- Instilling emotional balance
- Encouraging magic and spiritual devotion
- Helps depression and emotional trauma
- Aids with relieving chaos and disruption


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Heather Boxley
Lovely deep colour

Very pleased with purchase, lovely colours and well made

Gorgeous deep red

Really stunning deep red colour. Comfortable to wear, especially if you don't like the texture of the chip bracelets.

Jules Rason
Beautiful bracelet

Beautiful bracelet, lovely deep colour. Looks great on 😊