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Danburite Pseudomorph Calcite Cluster - Charcas, Mexico #10

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This fascinating specimen from Charcas, San Luis Potosi in Mexico features Calcite with a partial Danburite pseudomorph altering to Calcite. You will receive the exact crystal pictured.

Weight: 264g
Size: 90mm x 75mm

Calcite is found all over the world in a variety of forms and colours, often in combination with other minerals. The more common forms of Calcite are Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow, Iceland Spar is a clear double refractive variety that forms natural rhomboids. Mangano Calcite is a rare pink variety, with high quality specimens from Peru displaying pink and white banding. Black Calcite, also known as Shamanite, is another rare variety. Interestingly, Calcite and Aragonite are identical in chemical makeup, but crystallize differently to give us different crystals. 

Calcite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Powerful healer
- Improves decision making
- Boosts leadership abilities
- Improves self worth and boosts confidence
- Helps learn new things and develop skills
- Aids you in completing your goals

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