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Cryolite Heart #1

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Weight: 33g
Size: 42mm x 40mm


These beautiful hand selected, rare Cryolite heart carving are from Greenland, some with golden brown Siderite inclusions. You will receive the exact Cryolite crystal in the photos.

The name Cryolite is taken from the Greek for ice stone, due to a combination of its white, icy appearance, and the fact that it has a refractive index only 0.01 different to that of water. This means that when placed in water, Cryolite becomes virtually invisible, almost as though it has melted like ice in water.

Cryolite Healing Properties include:

  • Helps connect you with the Angelic Realm
  • Extremely high vibration crystal
  • Helps to cleanse the mind of old, outdated ideas and constraints
  • Harmonises the mind with the emotional body
  • Increases understanding and acceptance of yourself, and the world around you
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