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Copal with Insects Madagascar #2

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Weight: 4g
Size: 70mm x 13mm


This Copal from Madagascar has a light honey colour, and has insects trapped within. You will receive the exact crystal in the photos.

Copal is essentially baby Amber - tree resin, often from the Hymenaea verrucosa in Madagascar or the Protium copal trees in Mexico and central America. This tree resin has not fully polymerised like true Amber, but has only partially polymerised - left for long enough it would harden further and become true Amber. It is much cheaper than true Amber and is an affordable way to add an interesting specimen with insects to your collection.

Copal Healing Properties include:
  • Transforms negative energy into positive energies
  • Helps in overcoming depression
  • Removes blockages in the aura
  • Helps to awaken psychic abilities
  • A gentle and powerful healing aid
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