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Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Set

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Each Zodiac Set has been specifically designed around the traits and characteristics of that particular star sign. Capricorns are often disciplined, ambitious and patient, although they can suffer with a pessimistic nature and find it hard to forgive, this crystal set has been put designed around these qualities.

Garnet helps to attract joy and embrace change, whilst Mariposite helps us to forgive and be more flexible in unexpected situations.

Moonstone brings a warm, optimistic outlook and Bloodstone helps you to be more flexible and emotionally centres you.

Set includes: 
- Garnet (15 - 20mm)
- Mariposite
- Moonstone (15 - 20mm)
- Bloodstone

Set comes in a pillow box with an insert explaining the crystals. All tumbles are approx 20 - 25mm long unless otherwise stated.

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