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Blue Topaz A Grade Tumbled Crystal

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Gorgeous A Grade natural untreated South African Blue Topaz tumbled crystals with some golden yellow iron inclusions. You will receive one crystal in the size of your choice.

Small Blue Topaz crystals are approximately 2 - 4g, 12 - 15mm across.
Medium Blue Topaz crystals are approximately 4 - 6g, 15 - 23mm across.

Blue Topaz is quite often treated to achieve the bright blue colour, especially in jewellery, although it is possible to find it naturally. Natural Blue Topaz is caused by the presence of iron atoms within the crystal lattice, whereas irradiating and subsequently heating colourless Topaz will permanently turn the gem blue.

Topaz Healing Properties include:

  • Stimulates creativity and creative expression
  • Known as a wish stone
  • Attracts abundance, wealth and success
  • Boosts vitality and individuality, gives you drive to achieve your goals
  • Helps with indecision
  • Boosts confidence
  • Aids visualisation and meditation
  • Helps combat 21st century stress, negativity and trepidation
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gorgeous soft blue tones

Awesome to see blue topaz in its natural beauty - lovely soft blues rather than the treated/coated white topaz you see as Marambia or London blue in most blue topaz jewellery pieces!

Gorgeous piece

Well worth buying the biggest piece you can i.e. xl size like this one. Absolutely stunning icy blue colour!