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Atlantisite Palm Stone

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Gorgeous Atlantisite palmstones in soft shades of green with purple Stichtite spots. You will receive one Atlantisite palm stone in the size of your choice, the photos show an example of some of the ones we have available.

Atlantisite is named after the lost civilisation of Atlantis, and refers to a naturally occurring crystal composed of green Serpentine and purple Stichtite found only in Zeehan, Tasmania, in a small area named Stichtite Hill. It was discovered in 1910 and was registered as a trademarked name by its discoverer, Gerald Pauley. It is also sometimes called Tasmanite, although the two are technically different.

Atlantisite Healing Properties include:
  • Excellent for meditation
  • Helps access past life information
  • Has a soothing, calming vibration
  • Helps to boost your energy levels
  • A key prosperity and abundance crystal
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