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Arfvedsonite Tower

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Arfvedsonite crystal towers with metallic and blue flashes. You will receive one Arfvedsonite tower, an example of the ones we have is shown in the photos.

Size: between 85 - 95mm tall

Arfvedsonite is an Amphibole mineral that is often confused with Astrophyllite and even Nuummite, as both have a similar looking crystal structure when polished. In fact, many shops sell Arfvedsonite as "Blue Astrophyllite" when in fact they are different minerals. Arfvedsonite is found in Russia and Greenland. It shows bluish grey streaks and flashes when polished, and may also have some Garnet present.

Arfvedsonite Healing Properties include:

  • Helping to overcome negativity
  • Boosts intuition
  • A very strong manifestation stone
  • Extremely strong spiritual growth stone
  • Aids in achieving psychic visions if used in meditations


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