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Ammolite Specimen #10

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Weight: 26g
Size: 42mm x 36mm


This rare Ammolite comes from Canada, it has visible layers of red and has been sealed to protect it. You will receive the exact Ammolite crystal pictured.

Ammolite is composed of the fossilised shells of Ammonites. The different layers of the shell, which is formed of Aragonite, yield different colours - blues and purples are the top layers, which are the hardest to find as they are the first ones to erode or get damaged. Then comes greens and yellows, and finally reds are the deepest layer. Ammolite, also known by the trade name Koroite, is a very rare gem as it is only mined in southwest Alberta, Canada..

Ammolite Healing Properties include:

  • Attracts wealth and abundance
  • Helps you to harmonise with your environment
  • Holds the wisdom and knowledge of the universe
  • Channels and focuses energy
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