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Amazon Trapiche Amethyst Slice #4

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Weight: 12g
Size: 65mm x 27mm


This rare slice of Trapiche Amethyst from the Amazon shows beautiful patterning. These Amethyst examples are from a brand new mine in the Amazon, and were removed using the most sustainable methods possible. and You will receive the exact crystal pictured.

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, and is found in many locations worldwide, including Brazil and Uruguay. Varieties include Chevron Amethyst, which has banding of white quartz in.

Amethyst Healing Properties include:

  • Promotes harmony, enlightenment, connection to spirit
  • Increased wisdom and tolerance
  • Good for meditation and spirituality
  • Relieves hangovers and helps cure drunkeness
  • Enhance psychic ability
  • St Valentines Stone, for faithful love and deep connections
  • The Artists Stone, Composers Stone, Poets Stone, Painters Stone, and Inventors Stone.
  • Help with creativity
  • Known as the “All Healer” for people, plants and animals
  • Protects against psychic attack
  • “Nature's Tranquiliser” calms and soothes OCD and hyperactivity. Insomnia and bad dreams, fear of the dark
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