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Agni Manitite #8

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Weight: 19g
Size: 30mm x 29mm


Hand selected Agni Manitite from Indonesia, you will receive the exact Agni Manitite shown in the photos.

Agni Manitite is often claimed to be a Tektite, similar to Moldavite, but it is actually not a Tektite as it was not formed from a meteorite impact. Instead it is what is known commonly as a pseudo-tektite - similar in appearance, but is instead from terrestrial origins, in this case ancient volcanic activity. These are ancient forms of Obsidian, and are also known variously as Cintamani Stone or Pearl of Divine Fire. Although it is a form of volcanic glass (Obsidian), it's appearance is quite different to the shiny, glossy forms of Obsidian we see on the market for the most place.

Agni Manitite Healing Properties include:

  • Helps you to create and manifest the change that you desire
  • Increases willpower
  • Stimulates the creative flow
  • Helps to shield the mind from negative thoughts
  • Helps begin the process of transformation
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