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Yooperlite is a trade name given by mineral dealer Erik Rintamaki to Syenite rocks with fluorescent Sodalite, that he first found around Lake Superior in 2017. These pebbles have been naturally rounded and smoothed as they were thought to be carried via glacier from Canada to Michigan, where they can now be found on the shorelines of the lake. At first glance, they can look just like regular rocks, but with a UV light their secret will be revealed! There have been recent discoveries of similar Syenite with Sodalite in China, where larger and elaborate carvings are being made and sold as Yooperlite or Fire Stone. However, due to the tradename and the formation/location, only Syenite from Michigan/Canada can be called Yooperlite, the ones from China should not be - in a similar way to only DT Quartz from Herkimer can be called Herkimer Diamond.

Yooperlite can help those who need help with communication and self-expression. This crystal can help open up communication channels, allowing individuals to express themselves more freely. It can also be an aid in overcoming phobias and releasing anger and negativity, which can ultimately boost self-confidence. With these properties, individuals can feel more comfortable expressing themselves and feel empowered to let go of any negative emotions that may be holding them back.

Alternative Names Syenite Sodalite
Colour Black, Grey
Hardness 5
Crystal system N/A
Streak N/A
Lustre N/A
Main Locations Canada, USA
Chakra Throat Chakra
Zodiac N/A
Numerology N/A
Planetary N/A
Element N/A

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