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Triplite gets its name from the Greek 'triplos', referring to its cleavage.

Triplite acts as a powerful defender against negative energies, creating a shield that helps maintain a positive and balanced environment. Triplite also assists in preparing individuals for astral travel, supporting their spiritual journeys beyond the physical realm. It helps in relieving anxiety, bringing a sense of calm and quietude to the mind and spirit. With its ability to stimulate creativity and inspiration, Triplite serves as a catalyst for artistic expression and innovative thinking.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour Brown, Red, Pink
Hardness 5 - 5.5
Crystal system Monoclinic
Streak Yellowish Gray
Lustre Vitreous, Resinous
Main Locations Russia, China, Pakistan
Chakra Root, Heart
Zodiac Leo
Numerology N/A
Planetary Mars
Element N/A

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