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Ruby in Albite

This combination has pink - red Ruby crystals in an Albite Feldspar matrix. Of all the Ruby combinations, this is one of the rarer ones to find.

Ruby in Albite fosters a deep sense of love and compassion with its loving and supportive energy, offering comfort and encouragement. It draws in and manifests abundance, aligning energies to attract prosperity and positive outcomes. This crystal serves as a steadfast source of support during times of change and uncertainty, guiding individuals through their journey into the unknown with reassurance. Ruby in Albite further enhances passion and romance, infusing relationships with vitality and fostering a deeper emotional connection.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour Pink, Red, White
Hardness 9
Crystal system Hexagonal
Streak White
Lustre Adamantine, Vitreous, Pearly
Main Locations India
Chakra Heart
Zodiac Aries, Cancer, Leo
Numerology 3
Planetary Mars
Element Earth

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Ruby in Albite Sphere #2

Ruby in Albite Sphere #2


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