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Rosasite is a rare copper zinc mineral that can be found in gorgeous shades of blue green, similar to Hemimorphite. It is named after the Rosas mine in Italy where it was first discovered.

 Rosasite has a unique way of helping individuals express their true thoughts and emotions - it can be difficult to share our true feelings with others, but Rosasite can assist with this process. It also helps with facing tough situations and moving forward, making it a valuable tool for personal growth. Rosasite has a calming, positive vibration that helps to lift you up and strengthens all communication channels. It can help you recover emotionally after negative situations, and promote overall emotional well-being.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour Blue, Green
Hardness 4 - 4.5
Crystal system Monoclinic
Streak Light Blue
Lustre Vitreous, Silky
Main Locations Mexico, Italy, Iran, Germany, Australia, Chile
Chakra Heart, Throat
Zodiac Virgo
Numerology 7
Planetary Mercury
Element Water

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