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Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystal

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Rose Quartz tumbled crystals from Madagascar. You will receive one Rose Quartz crystal, each tumble stone is approx 20-25mm.

Rose Quartz has been found in jewellery dating back to 7000BC, and is still extremely popular today. It is known as the crystal of universal and unconditional love, and according to Greek legend, Rose Quartz was formed when Ares, God of War, attacked the Goddess of Love Aphrodite’s lover, and their blood stained white Quartz pink to create Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is also a famous beauty crystal, and the Egyptians believed it improved the complexion and helped to prevent aging - there have even been face masks made of Rose Quartz found in Egyptian tombs.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties include:

  • Promoting self healing and self love.
  • Known as the Stone of unconditional and universal love
  • Creating a calm atmosphere, dispelling negativity
  • Fortifies relationships.
  • A beauty stone – it is said that adding it to your bath will improve your complexion.
  • Increases fertility and helps prevent miscarriage
  • Provides leukaemia support
  • Comforting in times of grief
  • Encourages self forgiveness, self trustand self worth
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination, writing, music and art
  • Promotes forgiveness
  • Enhances female energy and qualities
  • Soothes crisis, phobias, anger, tension, stress, guilt, fear, jealousy, inadequacy, resentment
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Nice to use as a worry stone, and shades of pink are really pretty. Soft, loving energy <3

Emma Adam
Quality Rose Quartz

The best things come in small packages and this juicy pink Rose Quartz tumble is no exception.

Lovely tumble

I love these cute little rose quartz, they have a lovely colour and tumbled shape. I have gifted many and keep one in my bag at all times as part of my positive pink pouch of crystals.


Beautiful rose quartz. Fantastic for the price. I have purchased quite a few of these!

Rose quartz

Love theese Rose quartz. Really good size for the price. Has a beautiful mother like nurturing energy that I find soothing. Highly recommend.