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Pectolite is normally found as tabular crystals or translucent globular masses crystals, although blue coloured Pectolite from the Dominican Republic sold as Larimar are extremely popular and desired by collectors.

Pectolite exudes a profoundly serene and tranquil energy, serving as a powerful tool for releasing and healing emotions such as guilt, grief, and resentment, providing a sense of emotional liberation and inner peace. Pectolite also imparts a deep sense of patience and acceptance, enabling individuals to navigate challenging situations with composure and grace. In times of turmoil, it aids in the process of realigning and finding balance, allowing one to regain composure after a period of upheaval. Pectolite also gently elevates spirituality, fostering a connection to higher realms and promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment. Its presence brings a soothing and calming influence, enveloping individuals in a state of serenity and fostering a renewed sense of well-being.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour White, Blue, Brown, Pink, Orange
Hardness 4.5 - 5
Crystal system Triclinic
Streak White
Lustre Vitreous, Silky
Main Locations USA, Canada, Dominican Republic
Chakra Third Eye
Zodiac Leo
Numerology 6
Planetary Mercury
Element Water

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