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Tabular Baryte with Marcasite Inclusions - Aouam, Morocco #1

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This incredible cluster of tabular Baryte crystals is from Aouam in Morocco, and the clear crystals are heavily included with Marcasite on one side. After missing out on buying some of these in Tucson this year, we were so excited to find some in St Marie! 

You will receive the exact crystal seen in the photographs. Please note due to it's weight, this will only be shipped within the UK by default, please contact us if you would like an international shipping quote.

Weight: 2.066kg
Size: 150mm x 135mm

The Native Americans used Barite as a link between the spiritual realm and the physical, as well as in shape shifting rituals.

Baryte Metaphysical Properties include:
- Connects the mind and the body
- Helps to remove negative thoughts
- Aids in times of change and letting go
- Improving dream recall

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