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Bamboo Leaf Jasper Tumbled Crystal

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These Bamboo Leaf Jasper tumbled stones come in a variety of soft pinks, browns and creams. You will receive one Bamboo Leaf Jasper crystal, each one is approx 20 -25mm across.

Jasper is an opaque variety of Quartz, and comes in a huge varieties of different patterns and colours, from simple Red and Yellow Jasper, to patterned Jaspers like Picasso and Picture Jasper, to fancy Jaspers such as Ocean Jasper that can only be found in small, select locations. Jasper was a favourite in the ancient world, with many ancient civilisations using it for jewellery, seals and carvings.

Jasper Healing Properties include:

  • Increases courage
  • Strongly grounding
  • Boosts physical strength and sexual energy
  • Encourages honesty
  • Speeds energy up
  • Astral travel and dream recall
  • Stimulates new ideas
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