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Iowaite was named after Iowa, where it was first discovered and is generally a greeny yellow colour. A rare purple form can be found in the Altai Mountains in Russia, known as Chromium Iowaite. The bright purple colouring comes from the presence of Chromium in the crystal.

Iowaite can help to ease feelings of frustration and anger, while also balancing the ego. It's believed that Iowaite can assist in opening up the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, promoting spiritual growth and awareness. Iowaite can be used to calm anxiety and remove negative energies from the environment as it resonates with the energies of the Earth, providing a deep sense of grounding and stability.

Alternative Names N/A
Colour Purple, Green, Yellow
Hardness 1.5
Crystal system Trigonal
Streak White
Lustre Greasy
Main Locations Iowa, Russia, South Africa, Australia
Chakra Third Eye
Zodiac N/A
Numerology N/A
Planetary N/A
Element N/A

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