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Rainbow Fluorite Heart 32mm

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Beautiful hand selected Rainbow Fluorite hearts with the most gorgeous colours and banding. You will receive one crystal, an example of the patterns we picked out are shown in the photos.

Size: 32mm wide

Fluorite is a crystal that comes in many different colours and shapes - from large raw chunks, to Octahedrons and Cubic forms. Common colours include green and purple, but it also comes in yellow, blue and clear. Rare varieties include Blue John, found in Derbyshire, UK and Rogerly Mine Fluorite in County Durham, UK, which fluoresces in daylight.
It is a fairly soft mineral, scoring only a 4 on the Mohs hardness scale, below Quartz at 6. Rainbow Fluorite, with its colourful bands, is a favourite amongst crystal and mineral collectors.

Fluorite Metaphysical Properties include:
- excellent for studying and focus
- a good grounding crystal
- helps deal with complex issues
- helps with spiritual awakening
- aids psychic protection
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