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Hauyne is rare in crystallised form, but the bright blue colour can be found quite often as the colouring in Lapis Lazuli. It is also known as Hauyneite, and was first discovered in 1807 in Italy. It is named after French crystallographer Rene Hauy, a Catholic Priest who created wooden crystallography models in the early 1800s and was affectionately known as the 'Father of Crystallography'.

Hauyne is a magnet for joy and happiness, infusing positivity into one's life experiences. Hauyne helps to release negative emotions, promoting emotional healing and growth. It can help in freeing the heart from trapped emotions, fostering a sense of emotional liberation and balance. Hauyne actively empowers individuals to break free from hindrances that are impeding their progress, encouraging personal growth and empowerment. This crystal also acts as a protective shield against nightmares, offering a sense of comfort and security during sleep.

Alternative Names Hauyneite
Colour Blue
Hardness 6
Crystal system Isometric
Streak Very pale blue to white. Lazurite variety is bright blue
Lustre Vitreous, Greasy
Main Locations Italy, Germany, Morocco, USA
Chakra Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac N/A
Numerology N/A
Planetary N/A
Element Spirit

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