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Girasol Quartz

Girasol Quartz is technically a very pale Rose Quartz, which is often a milky colour. It is named after Girasol Opal, a type of common Opal which in turn takes its name from the Latin for 'gyro' meaning to turn, and 'sol' meaning sun. The name Girasol originally referred to a milky blue Venetian Glass produced during the 15th Century.

Girasol Quartz radiates a powerful calming energy, soothing the mind and promoting inner peace. Girasol Quartz enhances love and passion, igniting a deeper sense of affection and intimacy in relationships. It also boosts creativity, inspiring innovative thinking and artistic expression. Girasol Quartz also aids in vocalising difficult issues, facilitating open and honest communication, thereby supporting the growth of personal and professional relationships, fostering understanding, trust, and harmony.

Alternative Names Moon Quartz, Foggy Quartz, Pearl Quartz
Colour White
Hardness 7
Crystal system Trigonal
Streak White
Lustre Vitreous
Main Locations Madagascar
Chakra Crown
Zodiac Leo
Numerology 4
Planetary N/A
Element Spirit

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Girasol Chunky Palmstone #6

Girasol Chunky Palmstone #6


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