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Nephrite Jade Gemchip Bracelet

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Lovely high quality green Nephrite Jade gem chip elasticated bracelet. You will receive one bracelet.
There are actually two true types of Jade – Nephrite Jade and Jadeite. Nephrite Jade is a mid to deep green, often with black spotting, whereas Jadeite is found in a variety of colours including green, purple and white. All other Jades, including New Jade, African Jade, Afghan Jade etc, are not real Jade, they are varieties of Serpentine or other green minerals such as Amazonite. Jade has been used since the Stone Age for weapons, tools and decorative and spiritual objects. It has a long reputation as a good luck and prosperity crystal.

Nephrite Jade Properties include:
- Attracting prosperity,
- Promoting health and longevity
- Good for children – problem solving, accident prone
- Helps you achieve your goals and dreams
- Promotes balance and justice, wisdom and compassion
- Good emotional balance, grounding
- Aids dreams and dream recall
- Helps connection to ancient civilisations and wisdom
- Aids shamanic access to spirit worlds
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Great Quality!

Bought this over a year ago and it's shown no signs of stretching.