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Chrysocolla Specimen - Mexico #7

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Weight: 101g
Size: 82mm x 60mm


These bright blue - green specimens of Chrysocolla are from Mexico, some also have some Rosasite, Quartz, Calcite or Hemimorphite present. You will receive the exact Chrysocolla specimen pictured.

Chrysocolla is a very popular gemstone in the USA, and bears a strong resemblance to turquoise. It has long been regarded as a very peaceful crystal, and has been prized by Native Americans as a powerful healing stone and one that increased the body's resilience and resistance. The Egyptians also prized it for it's protective and peaceful energy, including the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Chrysocolla Healing Properties include:

  • Helping to revitalize lack-lustre relationships
  • Boost female sexuality
  • Aids with pregnancy, soothing energy
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Balance Earth's natural energy
  • Good for those who are loudmouthed or indiscreet
  • Helps relieve stress, phobias and tension
  • Helps to mend a broken heart
  • Releasing bad influences
  • Promotes harmony, helps meditation and communication
  • Encourages self awareness
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