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Calligraphy Stone

Calligraphy Stone is a name applied to various compositions of fossilised shells and sometimes other minerals, including Hematite. Sometimes known as Miriam Jasper, this does not contain Quartz, so is not a true Jasper.

Calligraphy Stone helps with mental clarity, spiritual exploration, and overall well-being. This crystal clears and focuses the mind, aiding in concentration and enhancing mental acuity. It is particularly beneficial for past life work, facilitating access to ancient wisdom and assisting in understanding karmic patterns. Calligraphy Stone attracts joy and positivity into one's life, promoting a sense of happiness and fulfilment. Its calming and grounding vibration brings a sense of stability and peace, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Calligraphy Stone can also spark new inspiration and creativity, encouraging fresh ideas and artistic expression.

Alternative Names Cobra Stone, Arabic Stone, Miriam Stone
Colour Brown, Black
Hardness  3
Crystal system Various
Streak Various
Lustre Various
Main Locations India
Chakra Sacral
Zodiac Pisces
Numerology N/A
Planetary N/A
Element N/A

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