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Cacoxenite is very often confused with Goethite, especially as an inclusion within Amethyst. Many, if not all of the specimens labelled as containing Cacoxenite golden strands are in fact Goethite, especially those from Brazil. It was first discovered in the Hrbek mines in Bohemia in 1825, in what is now the Czech Republic.

Cacoxenite activates all the chakras, promoting energy flow and balance throughout the body. It helps to expand consciousness and deepen understanding, facilitating spiritual growth and insight. It acts as a conduit to connect with the Spirit realm, fostering a stronger connection with higher dimensions and spiritual guides. Often referred to as the Stone of Ascension, Cacoxenite supports individuals on their spiritual journey towards higher states of awareness and enlightenment.This crystal stimulates creativity, sparking inspiration and bringing forth new ideas and innovative thinking.

Alternative Names None
Colour Yellow, Orange
Hardness 3 - 3.5
Crystal system Hexagonal
Streak Yellow
Lustre Silky
Main Locations USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland
Chakra Crown, Third Eye
Zodiac Sagittarius
Numerology 9
Planetary N/A
Element Air

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