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Dravite Tourmaline Small Tumbled Crystal

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These hand selected rare Dravite Tourmaline crystals have each been hand polished and have a beautiful deep orange-brown colour, we affectionately call them "coca cola tourmaline". You will receive one crystal, each one is approx 12-16mm long.

Dravite Tourmaline is named after the Drava river area in the late 1800s that was at that time part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, now Slovenia. It is a yellow/green/brown variety. Chrome Dravite is one of the most desired bright green tourmalines.

Dravite Tourmaline Healing Properties include:

  •  Connects to the Heart Chakra to help you let go of hurt
  •  Helps you to accept yourself for who you are
  •  Gentle grounding energy
  •  Balances the mind to stimulate both creativity and logic
  •  Helps to cleanse and remove negative energies
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