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Bornite is the 'original' Peacock Ore, as it will naturally tarnish to form iridescent colours. These are often not as brightly coloured as that of the acid dipped Chalcopyrite which is more commonly sold as Peacock Ore. Bornite has had various names through the years, the current name Bornite was given in honour of Austrian mineralogist Ignaz von Born. It is an important copper ore, though well formed crystals are sought out by collectors.!

Bornite serves as a guiding force, aiding individuals in learning from their experiences and progressing forward on their life journey. Bornite has the remarkable ability to infuse new energy and positivity into one's existence, revitalising and renewing one's outlook. With a gentle grounding and centering effect, it provides a sense of stability and balance amidst life's challenges. Bornite supports self-acceptance in the present moment, enabling individuals to embrace themselves as they are. It also offers the valuable mental space required to confront and overcome obstacles that may impede progress.

Alternative Names Peacock Ore
Colour Red, Blue, Purple, Rainbow, Gold
Hardness 3
Crystal system Orthorhombic
Streak Grey-Black
Lustre Metallic
Main Locations USA, UK, Morocco, Austria, Zimbabwe, Australia
Chakra Root
Zodiac Cancer
Numerology 4
Planetary Earth
Element Earth

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