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Raspberry Aventurine Tower

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Raspberry Aventurine crystal towers, these come in a lovely soft pink red colour. You will receive one Raspberry Aventurine Tower, an example of the colours and patterns are shown in the photos.

Size: between 75 - 90mm tall

Aventurine is a form of Quartz that has sparkly inclusions that give it the glittering appearance, most often inclusions of mica. Aventurine comes in many colours, and these are from different mineral impurities in the quartz – Green Aventurine is from Fuchsite, Red is usually Hematite, Purple from Lepidolite and Yellow from Pyrite.

The name “Aventurine” comes from “a ventura”, which translates to “by chance”. This relates to the accidental creation of goldstone in Italy in the 18th Century, and Aventurine was named for it's similar sparkly appearance. Although it didn't receive it's name until fairly recently, Aventurine has been used by humans for thousands of years for tools, decoration and jewellery. In the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, tools made of Aventurine have been found, the brittleness and hardness of the mineral valued for the ability to keep it's sharp edge.

Raspberry Aventurine Healing Properties include:

  • Helps to let go of emotional trauma
  • Boosts vitality and creativity
  • Motivates you to take action to achieve your goals
  • Provides a boost to sexuality
  • Supports you in old and new projects 
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