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Apache Tear Bottle

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These Apache Tears are from Superior, Arizona, and were hand collected by Emma and Stu on a recent trip to the US. You will receive one bottle, the bottle is approx 40mm tall.

Apache Tears are a form of Black Obsidian, and although black when looked at normally, when held up to the light they will often have some transparency. The name comes from the Apache Tribe of Arizona, where after a battle in which the tribe faced defeat, the men rode their horses off the side of a mountain rather than be killed by their enemies. When the Apache women heard this news, they wept, and their tears were said to have turned to stone upon hitting the ground, and these became Apache Tears.

Apache Tear Healing Properties include:

  • Coping with change and moving forward in life
  • Ability to forgive
  • Coping with grief
  • Boosts spontaneity
  • Helps to combat self limiting belief
  • Calms the emotions and brings emotional balance
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Customer Reviews

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Ashleigh Fisher
Super cute

Cute little bottle and love the meaning behind it. Cheap too