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Agni Manitite

Agni Manitite is often claimed to be a Tektite, similar to Moldavite, but it is actually not a Tektite as it was not formed from a meteorite impact. Instead it is what is known commonly as a pseudo-tektite - similar in appearance, but is instead from terrestrial origins, in this case ancient volcanic activity. These are ancient forms of Obsidian, and are also known variously as Cintamani Stone or Pearl of Divine Fire. Although it is a form of volcanic glass (Obsidian), it's appearance is quite different to the shiny, glossy forms of Obsidian we see on the market for the most place.

Agni Manitite empowers individuals to create and manifest the desired changes in their lives. By enhancing willpower, Agni Manitite strengthens determination and provides the necessary drive to pursue transformative goals. This crystal stimulates the flow of creativity, igniting inspiration and unlocking innovative ideas. Agni Manitite can also act as a protective shield for the mind, deflecting negative thoughts and promoting a positive mindset. With its transformative energy, Agni Manitite initiates the process of personal growth and evolution, setting individuals on a path of positive change and self-transformation.

Alternative Names Cintamani Stone, Pearl of Divine Fire
Colour Black, Grey
Hardness 5.5 - 6
Crystal system Amorphous
Streak Unknown
Lustre Vitreous, Dull
Main Locations Indonesia
Chakra Solar Plexus
Zodiac Gemini
Numerology Unknown
Planetary Earth
Element Earth

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